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The Vision

The vision of the FCA Soccer Academy is to build a better program than anyone else.


To teach every player the ideology of the game and help them reach competitive greatness.

To instill  biblical principles in every player and have an influential impact that is everlasting.

And to share the gospel with every player, parent, and coach who comes through the program.

The more players I can attract to the program the more kids will hear the gospel week after week and year after year.  

How else are these kids, who's parents don't take them to chruch, going to hear the truth on a regular basis?

This is my ministry.

God-Sized Goals

Building this program is something that God has called me to do. 

But I can't do it myself. 

Only with the help of likeminded believers can I accomplish the God-sized goals that I have set out to complete.

So If you have a passion for sharing the gospel, sports, and or kids, will you be willing to join me on this journey?

Get Involved with The FCA Soccer Academy.

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Join The Prayer Team

Prayer is the most important part of growing the ministry.  As a prayer team member, you will get regular updates on what we are doing and what we need prayer for.

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Join The Coaching Team

Whether you have played or coached at a high level or never coached soccer before but want to make an impact in the lives of these kids, join my coaching team.  We will help train you and prepare you to be an FCA Coach.

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Join The Support Team

In order to grow this program into what it needs to be, we need financial support.  With your support we can help keep the cost down to attract more players, build fields, and accomplish more God-sized goals.


Join The

FCA Coffee Club

When you join the FCA Coffee Club you will receive Amazing locally roasted Coffee right to your door every month

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